Code and Data

Thin-8 dataset

The Thin-8 dataset consists of 1585 grayscale handwritten images of the digit 8, with resolution 512x512.

16 people were asked to draw the digit 8 about 100 times using a pen on a tablet PC running Microsoft Windows.

Thin-8 was collected in October 2017 at the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms

Download it here

Thanks to Alex, Akram, Aristide, David, Dendi, Eugene, Gabriel, Jae, Joao, Liam, Rémi, Rosemary, Shawn, Sina, and Xing for writing all those samples!

If you use the Thin-8 dataset, please cite our paper on parametric divergences:

  title={Parametric Adversarial Divergences are Good Task Losses for Generative Modeling},
  author={Huang, Gabriel and Berard, Hugo and Touati, Ahmed and Gidel, Gauthier and Vincent, Pascal and Lacoste-Julien, Simon},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.02511},

Besides other interesting ideas, our paper explains the original motivation in collecting Thin-8.