Hi! My name is Gabriel (Buo-Xuan) Huang and I am doing a PhD in machine learning, at the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms. My supervisor is Simon Lacoste-Julien.

I am interested in generative learning, latent-variable models, structured prediction, optimal transport, weakly-supervised learning, reinforcement learning, convex optimization, music generation, and fundamental questions of optimization and statistical learning.

Previously I did the MVA Master’s degree in machine learning at École Normale Supérieure in Paris, in parallel with an engineer’s degree at École Centrale Paris (now CentraleSupélec). While I was doing my master’s, I worked for three years in the industry on computer vision and human activity recognition. Before that, I did classe préparatoire at Lycée Hoche in France.

Contact me

Email: gabriel.huang@umontreal.ca

In person: 5th floor of MILA, Pavillon André Aisenstadt, Université de Montréal.